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Landscape Consultation & Design proposals

From plant health & care consultation, to concept planning & designing, our aim is to educate & assist our customers in any landscape help they require. 

Working with a multitude of quality suppliers & supplies of our own, we can provide unique landscapes that feature exotic & interesting plants.


Specialised landscapes - Edible gardens

We have experience in setting up gardens using vegetables & herbs, and which species can thrive in Singapore's climate.

Our soil mixture will be customised to fit your garden's micro-climate, ensuring good growth.


Specialised landscapes - Terrariums

One of our specialisties is working with terrariums. We work with both large & small indoor or outdoor terrarium scapes. Having created our own displays for so long, we have formed techniques that we are proud to use.


In addition, with our supplies, we provide very unique & interesting foliage plants for our custom setups.


Specialised landscapes - Green walls

In contrary to many beliefs where green walls are not sustainable, we actually craft & treat green walls very differently. By going through with our clients on the specialised types of plants & soil we use, we are very confident in our green wall designs.


Specialised landscapes - Ponds & water features

As ponds & water features are part of a landscape, we design & build these features as well. We have set up biotope tanks & eco-ponds for our clients. In contrast, we have also done up some mechanically filtered ponds & water features.

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